January 12, 2012

11 months old! (a bit late)

So, we are, in actuality, less than a week from A's first birthday. Yep, less than a week. But I am in denial, just a little bit. So I am going to celebrate A's 11th month instead :)

A really started walking, and even running. He has mastered all sorts of exciting substrates, grass, concrete, hardwood :)

 He started laughing a lot more, and pointing and waving like a mad man!

We got ready for his first Christmas - he actually left the tree alone, amazing! 

He loves the neighbor's trampoline!

 We had our first face plant - and tried to make the most of it. Good rudolph pictures?

Overall, he is just a happy, amazing boy. I am so lucky. He just gets more expressive, more fun, more like a little boy!

 A has started loving books - he'll read them over and over again. 

Goofy boy...

I can't believe he is 11 months old, and almost a year. It is going by so very very quickly. I am so lucky, but a bit sad that my baby is not really a baby anymore.

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