January 29, 2012

Just Let me Lie Down

When A was about 6 months old, I picked up a book called "Just Let me Lie Down" by Kristin van Ogtrop. At that point, A wasn't sleeping well, I was back to work full time...those words crossed my mind quite often. So I decided I had to read this one.

This book had some very funny moments, and sections that rang so true. However, be fore-warned, it is in "dictionary" format. It really is a list of terms with funny definitions. Not quite what I was expecting...but an amusing and often dead on descriptions of real life as a Mom.

The book shows us that it is important to face life with humor and an understanding that not everyone is perfect, even editor's of major magazines. It is important for working moms to know they are not alone in their craziness and this book lets us know just that.

It took me awhile to get through as there wasn't a narrative holding my attention, but when I could steal  a  few moments away from my crazy life, I read some entries in this "dictionary," and there was always at least a smile of recognition, if not a laugh, waiting for me.


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