June 15, 2012

Home Tour: My Sanctuary

In following with my Friday tour of the house, this week, it's the bedroom. My place of sanctuary and relaxation! I love the duvet cover - the print and color - it makes me feel so serene. We recently bought a bedroom set that I also love. I am really happy with the furniture. However, apparently I have a mental block regarding hanging photos. I was thinking of getting some of these made...what do you think? Some more decoration and I think I will have the perfect bedroom.

The bedroom itself is sort of an odd configuration...with the bathroom sink open to the bedroom, but we make it work. I love the sliding doors to the courtyard. I also would love to change the rug, but am a bit gun shy. My dream is a fuzzy white shag rug. I'd love to put my feet down on that in the morning!

Well, welcome!

Simple - perfect for me! But I need some photos above the bed!

Here you can see the bedroom set and how the bathroom is open (above) to the bathroom

Love the windows! So does my puppy dog :)

By book obsession - one of many stashes...

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  1. Pretty room! I especially like your bedding and curtains.

  2. Beautiful furniture and our colors are very similar! My bedroom is my sanctuary, too. Thanks for sharing:)!

    1. Thank you! I'll have to check yours out too!

  3. Stopping by via Kelly's Korner today!

    Love your bedroom colors. You've really put together a warm and comfortable space!

  4. I really like the look of your duvet cover. It's really pretty.



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