August 19, 2012

Appreciating the Pace of Life

I sat down to write a post about my updates on trying to live green. And progress has been made, don't despair!

But, instead, I decided to sit outside and enjoy the sunset and my updated backyard! I grabbed the laptop and some lemonade and am currently sitting in the swing in the backyard. This is my view:

I have been dreaming of having lights in my backyard for a couple of years now. My husband made my dreams come true yesterday :)

Our backyard has slowly metamorphosed from a fairly useless patch of dirt, into a much more welcoming and useful space! Today I made pesto from basil in my planter boxes. I had a mojito with mint from my garden and am now writing a blog post to the light of newly hung white globes. I walked on beautiful stepping stones to my backyard swing and am having the best evening.

When we moved in, I envisioned upgrading the backyard right away. I drew diagrams of where the hot tub was going to go, imagining the lights (exactly as they currently are!) hung above my head, perhaps sitting in my hot tub with a glass of wine...and now three years later...we are almost there. And that's ok. It's more than ok.

My life is not how I envisioned it three years ago. I didn't know that I would have this amazing little person in my life that makes home projects take forever :) I didn't know that my extra time would be spent reading the same book over and over again or dancing the afternoon away to Mozart instead of gardening or baking bread. I didn't know that I would be spending Sunday morning in baby-and-me swim classes instead of spending Saturday evening in my hot tub. I didn't know it then, but I am so glad now.

I can't imagine my life any other way. I love slowing down and watching A discover new things. While sometimes it can be frustrating that the pace of life slowed down and that completing home repairs and projects can't happen instantaneously - the frustration is nothing compared to what I have gained. And isn't it that much sweeter when projects finally do happen?

I'll update on my "green" endeavors soon. For now I am going to enjoy my new lights that my wonderful husband hung up this weekend!


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