August 23, 2012

Costa Rica Flashback

Recently, I've been reminiscing about adventures I've had in my life.

One of my favorites? Sea turtle research in Costa Rica! After I graduated college (a long, long time ago!), I spent three months living in a tent in Parque Nacional Santa Rosa. It was truly an amazing experience. Lots of Salsa Lizano and manual labor. Lots of rain, rice, beans and hand washing laundry. 

I was so lucky to spend three months studying sea turtles. While I didn't end up with a career in wildlife biology, I still love sea turtles (even have one tattooed on me!) and the ocean. I loved my time as field biologist and I think it helped me in my career. 

Enjoying life

Salsa Lizano!

My first awesome sawing adventure
Some of my favorite stand alone moments are from this trip. Walking on the beach where my footprints lit up, waves crashing with phosphorescence all under a meteor shower. Skinny dipping with dolphins.  Watching the utter persistence of sea turtles coming back against all odds to start life anew. Following the newly hatched turtles on the beginning of their life's journey. Sharing it all with amazing people.

Amazing part of my life! I hope A loves sea turtles too :)


  1. Meghan, when you put it like that, how can he not love them? take him when he's older, I'm sure he will never forget the experience.

    1. I hope I get to take him! I can't wait to tell him about his mom's adventures...