August 4, 2012

NYC Public Library

One of the most beautiful places that I visited while I was in NYC was the NYC public library. It was unexpected, and I am so glad I took the time to tour it. 

I love libraries (thanks dad!). I have three library cards. I could spend hours there, it's like a candy shop, except that you don't have to spend money! I think the library is one of the most important places for a kid. You can lose yourself in so many worlds. Learn so many things. I know some of my best summer moments were biking to the local library and doing my summer reading challenges. I even love the slightly musty smell of public libraries. A will be getting a card as soon as he is old enough.

Even though I love libraries, I had no idea they could be so stunning. I have never been to such a beautiful library as the NYC public library. My college library's reading room was stately, but nowhere near the detailed ceilings, nooks & crannies, lanterns and marble. One would have to be crazy not to fall in love. Generally, when I visit a new place I go to National Park Service sites...this time I made time for something different - totally worth it! I did not see any ghosts though...


  1. I agree - Libraries are amazing! Next time you are in Chicago go to the Winter Garden on the 9th floor of the Harold Washington Library. It is a nice little retreat from the bustle of the city.

    1. I will definitely check that out! I love the beautiful architecture of old buildings - not too many of those where I am! :) A few more in Europe, no? :P

  2. So Amazing! I have never been to NYC. Thanks for sharing! Stopping by from Mom's Best. I am a new follower. Hope to see you at True Aim!