January 31, 2012

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Finding other Moms

Looking back on this past year, I realize how important it has been to have the support and help of other moms.

I feel exceedingly lucky to have found a group of 225 moms...all with babies that were due in January 2011. I had no idea when I went online to join a community of moms-to-be that they would become such an integral part of my life. I can't thank them enough for their humor, advice, support, and even some tough love.

So my advice to any mom-to-be is to find a community - be it on-line or in-person. Hold tight to these people, learn from them, teach them, laugh and cry with them. They will make everything better :)

To read some blogs from some of these amazing women that I call my friends - even though I haven't "met" any of them - I highly suggest you read this post from Our Life - one of my favorite "mommy blogs." It's called Strength & Beauty: An Open Letter to Moms Everywhere.

With one of my January Mommy friends :)
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January 30, 2012

Toothbrush Love

My child must have his toothbrush. 

He is obsessed with his toothbrush. 

Not a blanket, a stuffed animal, or a toy...nope, a toothbrush. 

He is generally a very mellow boy, but take away his toothbrush and this is what happens:

Poor guy gets so upset that I almost dread brushing his teeth. I know I need to, but he just gets so upset. Sippy Cups of water are also a favorite, just try and take them away. 

I guess it could be worse...at least he likes having his teeth brushed, but I hate the aftermath!

January 29, 2012

Just Let me Lie Down

When A was about 6 months old, I picked up a book called "Just Let me Lie Down" by Kristin van Ogtrop. At that point, A wasn't sleeping well, I was back to work full time...those words crossed my mind quite often. So I decided I had to read this one.

This book had some very funny moments, and sections that rang so true. However, be fore-warned, it is in "dictionary" format. It really is a list of terms with funny definitions. Not quite what I was expecting...but an amusing and often dead on descriptions of real life as a Mom.

The book shows us that it is important to face life with humor and an understanding that not everyone is perfect, even editor's of major magazines. It is important for working moms to know they are not alone in their craziness and this book lets us know just that.

It took me awhile to get through as there wasn't a narrative holding my attention, but when I could steal  a  few moments away from my crazy life, I read some entries in this "dictionary," and there was always at least a smile of recognition, if not a laugh, waiting for me.

January 28, 2012

A fun week in the K Casa

 It was a pretty mellow week here. After Christmas, New Year's, Lots of Guests, and A's birthday, we finally hard a "normal" week. Some photos of day to day life for A in Crazy Casa K :)
Pensive Boy

Rubber Ducky!

Still loving the puffs

Starting Soccer

January 27, 2012

I signed up for a 5k

I'm hoping paying the entrance fee and seeing the date on my calendar will get my butt in gear! I'm only doing the 5k, but that will be tough enough...

...anyone want to join me :)?

January 26, 2012

Planter boxes ready to go!

I am so very very excited..

My wonderful husband made me some beautiful planter boxes - well now they are installed and operational!

I bought some seeds...

Alex got ready to help plant!

We put some lettuce and broccoli plants in the box along with the seeds!

Aren't they pretty boxes?

All planted and ready to play!

Can't wait for my herbs and veggies!

January 25, 2012

Baby Luau - or should I say toddler!

First Birthday Luau = success! Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate...

January 24, 2012

Must have right now!

It's interesting how things that were irreplaceable a month ago, now sit in the back of the closet, forgotten. The all important pacifiers and swaddles no longer reside in the house. The mobile collects dust. His sleep sheep has joined the other stuffed animals on the shelf.

I was trying to think of what it is that we currently can't live without - I thought he'd be attached to a blanket, or certain toy - but not really. Other than his toothbrush, his favorites come and go. It dawned on me that right now, it's not a thing. Right now, I can't live without imagination and patience. He is inhaling information so quickly, learning more every day and he's excited by something different each and every day.

Yesterday he wanted to read about ponies, over and over and over again. (Hence, the patience). Today, he wants to walk circles around the house with his new school bus. Some days he is enthralled with watching other kids at the playground, others he is obsessed with the slide. Everything is new and exciting. My biggest challenge is finding him new experiences, new things to learn, taste, try - and to have the patience to do those things over and over and over again :)

Off to find an adventure doing soil research!
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January 23, 2012

Monday Mornings

Monday's are tough. After a weekend - or more - of lots of time with my little guy, I go back to work. This moring he didn't even wake up before I had to leave for work. So my A time is reduced to the hour before he goes to bed. It's hard to get back into the swing of things when all I want to do is follow him around the house as he explores. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but the readjustment every Monday is tough.

I'm trying to change my mindset about Mondays, and when I read this quote recently, it made me want to try and attempt to be more positive.
"Pay attention to what's good about your life. Rather than worrying about what you don't have, seek to make the best of all the good things you do have. There are a lot of things right with your life. Give your attention to them and they will grow." - Ralph S. Marsten Jr.
Indeed, I am very lucky. I have a job that I love and it is flexible and family-friendly. I am able to work an alternative work schedule so that I have every other Friday off. I am not required to work insane hours and my supervisor understands and encourages me to have good work/life balance. I have a caregiver for my child that truly loves him and he is flourishing in her care (and learning Spanish to boot!). A adores his daddy and our schedule works out that he gets some uninterrupted "daddy-time" every day. It means the world to me that A loves his daddy so much. A still goes to be early, so I get some time to hangout with my husband at the end of every day.

Life really is good and I need to remember to take time to appreciate the good things!

My awesome work project with a beautiful sunset

January 18, 2012

My boy has style

I was going through this past year in pictures...and noticed, if nothing else, A looks adorable in hats :)

So for some fun...our year in hats...

January 17, 2012

He's one!

I just can't believe it!

One year ago today, my life changed in ways I never imagined.

The four of us (yes, Moose too) celebrated today. We "ate" cake and poutine, opened some gifts and enjoyed the day.

I probably suffocated him a little with too many hugs and kisses. My baby is no longer a baby. He's a full-fledged toddler. My big boy. I can't even tell you how much I love him!

Getting Ready to go to the Doctor's office

These letters are awesome

Say Cheese


I think I like poutine though...

So excited he had to play with the car before I could get it out of the package...

January 16, 2012

A year ago today....

...I took a pretty intense hike, and then I went into labor!

I think I had the longest night of my life. I think so, but in all honesty, I only vaguely remember it.

The amazing experience of holding my son in my arms for the first time eclipsed everything that happened the 26 hours before...but more on that tomorrow.

My baby turns one tomorrow. Not sure how that's even possible.

What an amazing, crazy, life-changing year.

Clearly not enjoying labor...

But totally worth it in the end...

January 14, 2012


...has invaded our house! It feels like we have all been sick for a month. I am hoping we get better soon..

In the mean time, I'm going to hibernate today...oh and disinfect my home, clean, get ready for a party, work on the yard, go grocery shopping....you know relaxing things :)

Enjoy your weekends!

January 13, 2012

Making time to Exercise

I know, it's a bit cliche to choose to be fit as a resolution. But it is definitely something I need to do.

As a working mom, it's hard. I am not so much of a morning person that I relish waking up even earlier than I already do. So far, it seems to be running at lunch. I am so grateful to have a co-worker to motivate me to go.

Unfortunately, this year has started out with the whole family being sick.  Motivation to run has been low.  I haven't been feeling well, A hasn't been feeling well, and that means little sleep for anyone in the house. But there is always an excuse, isn't there? Work, Sickness, Cooking, Cleaning, and every other daily chore adds up, I feel like there is no time.

But I have to. I have to stay healthy. I have to exercise, I have to make a habit of it for me and the whole family :)

I'm going to get in shape - to set a good example for A!

January 12, 2012

11 months old! (a bit late)

So, we are, in actuality, less than a week from A's first birthday. Yep, less than a week. But I am in denial, just a little bit. So I am going to celebrate A's 11th month instead :)

A really started walking, and even running. He has mastered all sorts of exciting substrates, grass, concrete, hardwood :)

 He started laughing a lot more, and pointing and waving like a mad man!

We got ready for his first Christmas - he actually left the tree alone, amazing! 

He loves the neighbor's trampoline!

 We had our first face plant - and tried to make the most of it. Good rudolph pictures?

Overall, he is just a happy, amazing boy. I am so lucky. He just gets more expressive, more fun, more like a little boy!

 A has started loving books - he'll read them over and over again. 

Goofy boy...

I can't believe he is 11 months old, and almost a year. It is going by so very very quickly. I am so lucky, but a bit sad that my baby is not really a baby anymore.


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