April 30, 2012

15 months and counting

I've been reading lots of books lately. Lots of books about what to expect in the next few months and years. I almost started crying yesterday while reading a chapter about toddlers aged 18 months to 3 years.

I know, I do, that starting the moment he was born, that he's been moving away from me. I know that I need to give him the tools to grow, to run, to soar. But I don't want to lose my little sweetie.

The book I was reading mentioned how they start to move away from their moms, and want to emulate their dads. That little boys learn and grow by separating themselves from their moms. Just the idea of that makes my heart hurt a little. I'm not ready for my little guy to grow up. I'm not even ready for him to go down the big-kid slide.

How do even deal with this? How can I even think about it? I want to go in an wake him up right now and scoop my baby into a big hug. So not ready for him to grow up....

My little guy looking so big :(

April 28, 2012

Off to bed...

We're still alive, just busy!  We went to an amazing Science Festival this weekend...which I will tell you more about soon :) But for now, I must sleep, so so tired! A is already sound asleep...

April 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: My cutie at the LA Zoo!

Yep, he likes the dangerous animals! 

April 19, 2012

Where to buy non-dairy milk

Since A has a milk allergy, we've been introduced to the new world of almond, soy and coconut milk. I've been adding them in rotation to A's diet. It's amazing how quickly he goes through them (though I cheat and use the coconut milk for myself sometimes!).

I've been buying milk at Target and the local grocery stores (Vons, Albertsons, Ralphs). Generally they are between $3.49-$3.89 per half gallon. Which, when you add it all up, is incredibly expensive! Whole Foods is about the same range, but I hate going there because I always get sucked in to buying much more expensive things...

In the last few weeks, I have discovered that Fresh & Easy and Trader Joe's have all 3 varieties - and they are always $2.99. They don't jump around prices every week, they are consistently $2.99.

I also think that Fresh & Easy's Almond milk is the best tasting I've ever tried! So, anyway, if you are lucky enough to have a Fresh & Easy or Trader Joe's near you...shop there! It is awesome to have good quality milk at a price that is reasonable and consistent :)

April 18, 2012

Gorgeous Sunday Afternoon

This past Sunday afternoon was beautiful, and A and I were playing in my (admittedly) shade-filled backyard. I started playing with photo-booth on the computer and A helped me :)

Some images from our lazy day...I can't wait until our vegetables are ready to eat!

April 17, 2012

It's Tuesday and I love my son

Ok, I love my son every day, but I just felt like I needed to say it today :) I mean this is the point of this blog, right? I get to shout out to the whole world (or the small world that reads this blog!) how wonderful my son is.

I am continually amazed by him. Sometimes I give him an extra hug when I think about how quickly he is growing up, how soon he'll be leaving me, and sometimes it almost makes me cry. I want him to stay my baby...I can't believe how lucky I am.

April 16, 2012

William & Mary or Stanford?

Clearly A will only have two choices when applying to college. Either his mother's or his father's alma mater...so that means William & Mary or Stanford.

Now, both are great schools, but looking at this from a parental standpoint, this might not be such a hard decision after all.

Stanford Tuition the year I started $18,669.
Stanford Tuition for 2011-2012 is $40,050.
W & M the year my husband started: $12,580 (Out of State) or $2,890 (in-state)
W & M tuition 2011-2012: $17,981 (Out of state) or $6,566 (in-state)


William & Mary

Though clearly I would prefer Stanford (I mean, look at the pictures :)!) I think that he may be a W & M boy...

So it is clear to me that we must move to Virginia so that A has residency in time for college. If the last 18 years are any indication of the next 18 years, then college costs are going to be even more astronomical than they already are, if that is possible!  So, though it seems strange to be making college decisions for A now...I am afraid there is no other choice :).

Even if A thinks this is a bad idea...

April 15, 2012

Gator Run Failure

So, I thought that I was signed up for a race today. I hadn't trained as much as I liked, but I was going to do it anyway. I went yesterday to pick up my race packet and my name wasn't on the list. What? I was so confused. I've never done anything like this before!

I went home, looked it up, and nope...I never signed up. But I was convinced I had. I wrote it on the calendar. I told everyone I was doing it. So I slept in this morning instead :) Clearly I have not had enough sleep...so I will sleep more and make sure to follow up on things I THINK that I am doing!

So I signed up for two walks and a run yesterday. I know that I did. I have e-mail receipts. I made sure of it!

Hopefully I won't do something crazy like this again...

Here are the runs/walks I signed up for...I might need some help remembering :)

1. California Wildife Center - Walk on the Wild Side 
2. Williams' Syndrome Walk - put on by the local mommy network that I am a part of, a great cause!
3. Love Run - for Senior Concerns

April 12, 2012

Underwood Family Farms

Just 3 minutes away from the house is a great little place called Underwood Family Farms.

We've gone now for both their Easter and Halloween Festivals. A has loved it both times! There are animals to feed, big machines to drive, tractors to ride, berries to pick, eggs to find, tunnels to explore, hay to climb, the list goes on....

This is a wonderful place for kids of any age, it's clearly a winner! They also have CSA boxes which we used to get - I don't have the time now, but I love their fresh vegetable boxes!

April 11, 2012

Westwood Park

It's always fun to explore new parks :)

Created with cinemagr.am

April 10, 2012

An Easter Tradition - poutine?

Does twice a tradition make?

The last 2 years we've gone to a French Canadian (en?) Restaurant for Easter. It's a fun little place called Soleil in Westwood, CA.

Last year A was adorable, of course, but couldn't partake of the poutine...yes, poutine is a must on Easter. A fitting end to a crazy hockey season too! This year he tried, and liked, the poutine. Though, I think he like the crepe even better!

Auntie Erin came as well, so we got to spend Easter with family - always a plus :)

April 9, 2012

Easter Egg Fun!

Though it's A's second Easter, it's his first time old enough to look for eggs.

His first attempt was at the local farm...he couldn't get past the one in each hand stage. So it took awhile to get up to the five that he was allowed! He was so happy though :)

His second attempt on Sunday morning, he finally figured out he could collect them in a basket :) Moose enjoyed the hunt too...he got some cheerios out of it as well! Shaking them is so much fun...and cheerios are an awesome surprise when you are one! Not sure how long A and Moose will appreciate cheerios and crackers as easter "candy" :).

April 5, 2012


...by yourself is SO much easier than traveling with a little guy.

But I so miss him when I am away. I have 2 more trips away from him this year. That is about all I can take. Not being able to kiss my little guy good night is one of the hardest things I've ever known.

I'm so glad that Skype exists!

This time it's just 2 nights. Just two. I know he'll be getting lots of daddy hugs - and that he is in excellent hands, but I miss him already and I haven't even left yet...

April 2, 2012

When work gets busy...

Balance for a mom is difficult. Whether you stay at home or leave the house for work. There are always things that need balancing. Life often seems like one thing drops and another comes to the front. Balance between things often just seems right out of reach.

Anyway, work has been standing up and waving it's arms for my attention recently. What I can't finish during the day, I've been taking home to finish after A goes to bed. I know this isn't a great habit, and I hope it's only for a little while...a couple of big projects are coming to completion.

In the meantime, I know that my blog has been bearing the brunt of my balancing act...and I hope that won't last too long...I hope you'll forgive me for a little while...

For now, I leave you with my perpetual motion machine (or what I'm doing with the time I'm not working). I love this kid!


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