January 1, 2013

New Year - New Resolutions!

It's 2013! How can that possibly be? I still remember dancing in the street in the rain as we celebrated 1990. I remember listening to Stomp on the Mall as we rung in the new century. I remember sitting by my husband's side in the hospital in 2010. All of the sudden it's 2013 ~ and I'm not sure where the time went! Since having a son, time just flies by...I'm sure this year will be no different. Even though it will fly by, I still have high hopes :)

Of course, as cliche as it sounds, I face a new year with new hopes, dreams, and yes, resolutions.

In fact, they aren't too different from my Fall Resolutions: Eating Healthier, Exercising, Living a Greener Life and Making Every Day Count. I feel like this year might an interesting one - and I hope to face that change with happiness and strength.

First steps? My husband and I are starting to exercise. Joining a gym and starting the Couch to 5k program. I plan to enjoy California more, taking time to visit the places I haven't yet seen, especially those that are in my backyard. I plan on spending quality time with my husband and son, more hugs, more kisses, more joy. I need to take care of my own diet and that of my family's as well.

And I just need to have more fun. More Happiness. More Life.

I hope all your dreams and wishes come true in 2013.

p.s. Happy Birthday to my Mr. Moose! Always a puppy no matter what his age :)


  1. Happy New year Meghan!! I'm hoping to get healthy this year as well! I think time goes faster now than ever!

  2. Mr. Moose is a cute "puppy"! Your idea of taking the time to see what's in your backyard is so smart. When I moved from Michigan a couple of years ago, I felt like I'd wasted so many opportunities to see more of my state while I was there. It's a gorgeous state!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Couch to 5k. Wow! You go girl! Happy New Year!


  4. Happy New Year and Happy birthday moose! Such a cute dog! =]

  5. Happy New year and Happy Birthday to Mr Moose. Great name!! :)

  6. Awesome. I have done the couch to 5K before and loved it. I love running now and finding it to be one of my stress reducers. Good luck for 2013! Have you scheduled a 5K race yet? You should they are sooooo much fun and it keeps you motivated :-)

  7. Happy New Year! - Your goals sound great. Loved the photo of Moose.