January 23, 2013

Teach Me to Do it Myself ~ Book Review

Teach Me to Do It Myself: Montessori Activities for You and Your Child
By Maja Pitamic
176 pp. Barron’s

After reading some rather dense Montessori books, I was excited to delve into "Teach Me to Do It Myself." It's nicely illustrated, clear, concise and goes step-by-step into a multitude of Montessori Method activities that you can use for toddlers and pre-schoolers. If you want to actually try some activities that are pretty inexpensive, this is a great place to start.

The book starts with a brief introduction to Montessori and discussed how to use the book. Then it delves right into activities into the following five different areas:
  • Life Skills 
  • Developing the Senses
  • Language Development
  • Numeracy Skills 
  • Science Skills
I have not been able to try too many of the activities quite yet, as my son is still on the young side. One thing that would help the book is suggested ages for activities.

We've tried a few, but it's hard to really tell which ones would be most appropriate. I do like the way that the book has simple activities that are clearly explained. We've been working on "Washing Hands," "Cleaning Teeth," and "Introducing Textural Opposites." All of which are age appropriate for a just turned 2 year old!

If you are interested in trying Montessori activities at home for kids up to age 5, I highly recommend Teach Me to Do It Myself: Montessori Activities for You and Your Child! Worth the investment.


  1. I still sometimes cringe when I realize the things I just choose to do for my kids because it's easier, quicker, or cleaner. Great concept for a book!

  2. My oldest son went to a Montessori school when he first started school. I love they way they taught compared to the traditional schools. I need to check out this book for my youngest son.

  3. My toddler is so self reliant. He hates when you try to help LOL. Looks like a great book!

  4. These books look great! So important to make kids more independent.

  5. We as moms sometimes think we are doing our kids a favor by doing it ourselves but we should allow them to be more independent & learn to do things on their own.


  6. Ah - its so hard as a mother for me to let go and allow my son to do things on his own. I'd be really interested in reading this book - thanks!

  7. Sounds wonderful and kids love doing things themselves so I can imagine this would be great.

  8. I've been really interested in Montessori schools but can't afford the $$$ so this is a great way for me to just teach her myself. Thanks!

  9. Teaching kids to be independent is a great way to help them manage later in life--thakns for the book recommendation--appreciate it

  10. These look great.. I could use them for my granddaughters who are 4 and 5. Thanks for the review... never knew they existed.