January 3, 2013

The Salton Sea

I grew up upwind from the Salton Sea. Some of you may know exactly what that means.

That means that the only time I thought about the Salton Sea was when my entire town smelled like rotten eggs. Occasionally the lovely smell of sulphur wafts up to the Coachella Valley and, well, stinks.

But my recent trip proved there was more to the sea than a bad smell :) As an adult I'd gone down to the area to hike the canyons, but I'd never actually stopped to see the Sea. So this past Christmas Eve, we decided to explore. It's really a strangely fascinating place. A huge body of water, with amazing birds, ghost towns, graffiti, palm oases and sand made of decomposing fish and shells.

We enjoyed the sunny weather, birding, hiking and abandoned towns. Though, the date shake on the way home was probably the highlight for me!

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