March 27, 2013

My Son is a PuzzleMaster

Every mom thinks their kid is the most amazing, most brilliant, most awesome child on the face of the earth :) Right? Especially when they are in the mode of "firsts" - every new thing is amazing! First step, word, any new skill...he must be a genius!

But really, kids are amazing. Little sponges. Now, A might not be the most advanced verbally - though his vocabulary has grown exponentially in the last month - but one thing he seems to really enjoy is puzzles (thanks to the McKays for starting his puzzle collection)!

He can concentrate for a crazy amount of time on puzzles (thanks to grandma for endless hours of fun!). I am amazed that he is able to put together puzzle after puzzle. He's mastered the 12 piece and is currently making great headway on 24 piece puzzles. Now that he has full access to hi room during naps - I often find his bed covered in puzzle pieces!

We like to call him the PuzzleMaster - maybe he will grow up and be the next Will Shortz? :) I can only hope! What amazing things are your kids doing? Please share :)


  1. This is too sweet! I remember when my daughter was little and I got to experience all of her "firsts". The bragging on your child and thinking they are a genius never goes away, I promise! Thanks for co-hosting the Inspire Powerful Action Blog Hop!
    I would love it if you could stop by my blog! I'm now following you via GFC :)

  2. What a cutie! Enjoy all of these little things! Each little moment is awesome!