March 30, 2013

Working Mom ~ Book Review

Working Mom: Survival Guide
by Suzanne Riss & Teresa Palagano
144 pp.

To a certain extent, this book is perfect for a working mom. It has great "sound bites." Lists, statistics, short and sweet bits of information to make you think. It starts with advice on being a pregnant working woman, how to tell your boss you are pregnant, how to deal with going back to work, successfully pumping at work and even handles what to do with teenagers. It gives many, many lists on how to deal with being a parent in relation to our lives in the "office."

As a working mom, it definitely made me feel like I wasn't alone! In 2011 women outnumbered men in the workplace for the first time ever. There are a lot of us out there navigating working and being a mom. The best advice I took from the book? Be in the moment, Be happy, make lots of mom connections, navigate the best balance of work and home that you can - and then enjoy life as it happens, find time for yourself, multi-task less when you are with your kids, good enough is ok, make peace with change.

On a side note, I also discovered that only 13% of working moms surveyed for this book still nursed between 1-2 years of age. I was feeling a bit guilty for only making it to 15 months - but this made me feel a bit better :) Pumping is hard work!

It's a fast read, great tips, nothing earth shattering, but it is nice to know there are other moms out there just like you! You will make it - it may not be easy, but you aren't alone!

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