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Hello and thanks for visiting our Crazy Casa! 

I'm Meghan, a working mom and park ranger. I have had many adventures in life...including being a Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama...but none of them are as amazing as the current adventure of being a mom. A is my sweet boy and Moose is the awesome dog. Mr. K likes ice cream, cookies and traveling to far off places. We're excited to have you here in our crazy casa!   

In the last four years, my husband and I got married, moved cross country, started new jobs, bought a house, had a health scare, got pregnant, and had an amazing baby boy. We live in the suburbs of Los Angeles (far, far suburbs) and are still, four years later, adjusting to this reality.

Join us as we make something positive out of this ever-changing strange suburban existence we now inhabit!
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1 comment:

  1. Hi Meghan,
    I have been reading your posts but just got a chance to read your about me page. You have had a very busy and eventful 4 years!!!! I am excited to keep reading about your adventures :)!



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